Fair housing laws and ethics: Turkey as a rising market

First of all let’s define fair housing: Fair housing means that everybody has the right to be given a home without discrimination of any kind. Turkey has understood that and eased the access to the country and to properties nationwide.

In Turkey, the real estate business is rising in direct proportion to tourism and increase in population. More and more people contact a real estate organization to find, sell or rent a home. But why?

Turkey is a sunny Mediterranean country offering great tourist attractions as well as a wonderful climate and amazing beaches. It is also very easy to access, mostly by plane, with about 20 international airports. Since the abolishment of the reciprocity law that has eased the purchase of properties, more and more rich foreigners want to buy a property in Turkey, especially people from neighboring Arab countries and Russians followed by other European buyers like Germans and the Dutch. It is now also much easier to get a visa or residency permit and the time needed for issuing an approval for title deeds has considerably decreased.

Since the government has removed restrictions for various countries last year, more and more people invest in Turkish properties, with Istanbul as a favorite location. But this is a new tendency which is expected to rise within the next years.

In Turkey this success has become a great opportunity for many people to change it into a business and there has been therefore a considerable rise of real estate businesses, aimed above all at foreigners. You just have to go on to Google, type “real estate in Turkey” and soon you will be offered plenty of real estate opportunities in Turkey. Plus the Country has huge projects and targets for the next ten years, offering additional great opportunities for the real estate market.

Why choosing Turkey?

Apart from its beauty, let’s consider the quality of life. Here are some facts:

  • 299 shopping malls, including 91 of them in Istanbul.

-constant development in urban renewal or new projects like Marmaray, Kanal Istanbul, the third bridge on the Bosporus and the third airport in Istanbul which will be the biggest in Europe.

  • beautiful neighborhoods and places to live in like Princess Islands, Old City, Nisantasi or Cihangir.

Turkey is a country with one foot set in Europe and one set in Asia. It is surrounded by the Aegean Sea, the Black Sea, The Mediterranean and the Marmara Sea. But you can also find mountains in the center. There are over 80,000 different species of animals living there, as well as natural parks, national parks, nature monuments, etc…

The climate is temperate and usually nice but winters can be quite cold somewhere. People usually go there to visit the main cities: Istanbul, Ankara, but also for its wonderful beach destinations like: Antalya, Bodrum, Kusadasi, Fethiye, and Izmir. And don’t forget the amazing Turkish culture and the wonders of nature! Best way to reach the country is by plane, and best is to move by the train, especially the one travelling from the capital Ankara to Istanbul. The bus also is very cheap.

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