Tourism and Real Estate Statistics And Future of Turkey

Tourism Sector In Turkey

Turkey has for the past years made a lot of progress in the tourism industry and has plans to diversify its tourism activities over the globe. It established infrastructures such as airport modernization and air terminals with the construction of other new airports. With the increasing number of visitors in the country, the resort destinations have been also refurbished and have enhanced the quality of domestic flights to all major cities and tourist centers. The development of the roads has intensified the number of comfortable buses that commute around the tourist sites making traveling easy and enjoyable for the visitors. The rapid infrastructural development in Turkey has led to the advanced system of communication networks enabling it to meet tourism demands.

The increased tourism venture in Turkey has persistently to the development of the accommodation industry, which has varying classes of accommodation facilities; varying from Holiday complexes, super-modern deluxe, boutique hotels to the less expensive average hotels. There are also various winter resort hotels, ski resorts and spa hotels across the country. All these hotels and mansion ate resorts have various recreational and entertainment facilities. Turkey provides one of the best yachting paradises in the world. Plans are under way in the country to provide development and capacity of the yachting tourism as it is a growing tourist venture.

Turkey is recognized for hosting the largest conventions and meetings in the world. It is a country that has got a very steep and advanced technology, very high-quality hotels and other facilities for hosting big conventions. The major cities, resort centres, famous cuisines, restaurants, bars and cultural activities appeal most to tourist visiting the country.

Turkey has a significant tourist catchment potential with the great diversity of natural resources, cultural values, historic sites and other activities like lifestyle, the diet that satisfies people from different origins and with different cultures. 2012 has seen turkey receive a range of 31 million tourists despite the state of the world tourism market vulnerable state. Turkey has a greater potential than it provides currently in nature based, culture, special interest tourism, yachting, cruising and convention and meeting incentives. It brings out that Turkey has the big space for growth and development in the tourism industry.

Tourism Statistics  Of Turkey

Tourists have been increasingly increasing over the years in Turkey. It is statistically summarized by the figure below, which shows the no of visitors who toured the land for the past ten years and the rate of their expenditure.

Tourist Statistics In Turkey
Years Tourism Receipt ( 1000 $ ) Number of Foreigners Average Expenditure ($)
2003 10 141 116 13 701 419 740
2004 13 061 118 17 202 996 759
2005 15 725 813 20 522 621 766
2006 13 918 757 19 275 948 722
2007 15 936 347 23 017 081 692
2008 19 612 296 26 431 124 742
2009 19 063 702 27 347 977 697
2010 19 110 003 28 510 852 670
2011 22 222 454 31 324 528 709
2012 22 754 807 31 342 464 715
2013 25 322 291 33 827 474 749
2014 29 312 844 38 843 763 772
2015 25 438 923 35 592 160 715


Future Of Tourism and Real Estate In Turkey

The state of Turkey has had a planned strategy on the future state of their esteemed tourism sector. There are set procedures to foster the tourism industry and boost its output to the economy, provide quality services to tourists and create the conducive environment for the tourist visiting the country. The turkey international market is growing very fast and rapidly and this has affected the demand side of the economy as many people flock the country for adventure and commercial work in the tourist industry. For the country to counter the increasing demand in the tourism sector, it has laid down several measures to combat it. The key to continued demand is through coordinating the marketing and the planning of the resources that are diverse and limited. There are various levels and sections of the tourism industry that needs to be refurbished for efficient control in the tourism sector.

In accordance with the growing tourism sector, real estate sector has also immensely grown. Recent statistics show that %5 of the travelers to Turkey are also buying properties at a later time. Especially people from Russia, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates and Kuwait are leading the property market as foreigners. According to the high demand, travel agencies also began to promote villas, town houses and apartments for sale in Turkey.

Future Strategies

It aims at making the tourism investment incentives viable and feasible economically. Among the strategies to be employed are:

  • To implement the integrated management zones, a project of UNEP (United Nations Environmental Programs) that would aim at providing sustainable urban planning and environment protection so as to beef up the countries coastal tourism for a glorious future.
  • To provide facilities to the tourism sector for replenishing and renovating the accommodation areas for the tourists.
  • Issue permissions to all kinds of foreign investors and create the atmosphere conducive to foreign investors so as to attract foreign direct investors.
  • Issue quick certification to companies in the tourism industry so as to give the companies permission and easy accessibility to the tourism market.
  • Legal requirements for an establishment of new institutional structures to be lessened.
  • The ministry of tourism and culture to foster the development of structures for tourist inhabitation and accommodation.
  • Creating awareness globally of the tourists’ sites and the things guests would expect to see when they visit Turkey; this is to be done in the social media and other advertising platforms available.

Taking the above measure into consideration would boost the standard of tourism in Turkey. It means that everybody including the government of Turkey work together hand in hand to foster the growth of the tourism sector.

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